Nexalin Technology is pleased to announce the initiation of clinical trials designed by the University of Pennsylvania to investigate the effectiveness of the Nexalin transcranial stimulation (TACS) for major depressive disorder.

A subsidiary of Legacy Ventures International Inc. (OTC PINK: LGYV), this technology is an FDA-cleared medical device company that utilizes a safe, non-invasive, non-drug treatment for anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

The clinical trials, designed independently by Dr. Michael Perlis of the University of Pennsylvania, will test the effectiveness of Nexalin TACS at New Jersey's Carrier Clinic. The trials' focus will be on patients with MDD who have been treated with traditional medication therapy that has not been effective.

This drug is currently in use at the Blake Recovery Center on the Carrier Clinic campus in New Jersey. Also, it has demonstrated positive effects in patients withdrawing from drugs and alcohol by decreasing symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. This success prompted the undertaking of a formal scientific study involving a unique collaboration of industry (Nexalin), academia (UPenn), and the health care system (Carrier Clinic).

Noting the benefits of the collaborative efforts Dr. Perlis stated, "Parsing out tasks and responsibilities in this manner will not only ensure the timely completion of the study, it also provides for a trial that is insulated from bias and will provide results that are more specific than academia-based randomized controlled trials."


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