12 Step National Meetings

12 Step Meetings and Anonymous Groups is a growing repository of meeting data for all well-known established 12 step groups. From coast-to-coast, this is a growing and free resource to update meetings for all anonymous 12 step groups. 12 Step National Meetings currently identifies the most sought 37 anonymous groups and a simple purpose, to provide necessary logistics via maps, precisely the location of a community of people seeking recovery in a private setting.

Oftentimes, there isn't one resource that compiles the meeting locations for all groups, thereby making attendance quite difficult and threatening to one's recovery. As a solution to this problem of scarcity of meetings in many areas, we provide instructions on how to start your own 12-step meeting for your group and report it to the founding organization to be included in its directory. Important information for the organization as a whole will be communicated with newly formed groups and people needing help will also benefit as well.